Getting ready for winter with the Golden Snowmobile Club

The Golden Snowmobile Club is preparing for another fun winter.

  • Oct. 13, 2012 4:00 p.m.

Kim Roebuck & Aaron Bernasconi

Golden Snowmobile Club

The Golden Snowmobile Club would like to thank it’s many volunteers in recent weeks.

With winter just around the corner the Golden Snowmobile Club and Trail Society have seemingly endless preparation tasks getting ticked off the list.

In the past few months we have completed three new bridges accessing Quartz Creek that were lost in the run off last spring.

Construction has also begun in recent weeks on the new West Bench Trail connecting Gorman Lake Trail to the Quartz Creek Parking lot.

This will be a great asset for the town giving opportunity for long groomed family trail rides!

Quartz Creek has also undergone one of the largest clean ups to date.  From the parking lot to the alpine bowls volunteers collected years of garbage.

We were pleasantly surprised, as one would expect more from the sheer volume of riders.

Cabin upkeep was done due to some damage from last seasons snow loads, and future precautions were implemented.   With only a few things left on the list we are very excited for snow and lots of it!

See you on the trails!