Getting ready for a holiday in Golden

A new development of a Holiday Inn Express is one step closer to starting in Golden.

The Town of Golden Council has given approval for a Development Permit to allow for the development of a Holiday Inn Express Motel at 1120 14th Street North.

The permit the development of a 75 unit on the site.

Harj Sandher, the applicant for the development permit said the project began in July of 2011.

“My family has been in the hospitality industry in Golden for the past 25 years.  For the last 10 of those years we have owned the parcel of land which we hope to transform into the beautiful Holiday Inn,”  Sandher said. “Golden is such a great place for people to stop and experience the beautiful surroundings and wonderful people that live here.  Expanding our family business made perfect sense, it is something that my family takes pride in, and the thought of welcoming more guests to another establishment seemed like the right decision.”

He went on to explain Golden sees thousands of people during their travels and my family takes pride in joining the journey in building Golden’s tourism.

Sandher was born and raised in Golden, and my parents still live in Golden. “Golden has given my family a home, and we cannot wait for the opportunity to make our hotel home to those travelling through,” he said. The development is a family affair as Sandher will be working with his  brother Surj and sister Dal.

One of the important parts of the development for the group is being as environmentally friendly as possible.

“Environmental sustainability needs to be at the forefront of everyone’s mind, not just business owners.  Golden is the home for my family, and friends and we want to do everything possible to keep the town and surrounding area healthy,” Sandher said.

The timeline for this project is to break ground within the next month and have the project completed by late spring.