Some of the priorities identified in Vital Pulse. (GDCF photo)

GDCF unveils vital pulse responses

It was the first year of the survey which will help inform the granting process

The Golden & District Community Foundation (GDCF) has wrapped up their vital pulse survey, and released the summary of results to the public.

Results from these surveys, as well as from community meetings and other input opportunities, will inform the granting committee of the current priorities for Golden and Area A. New priorities for the Community Grant Program are set each fall.

Clean water and sanitation was identified as a priority, with water conservation and protection cited, as well as limiting ‘waste’ in terms of watering lawns and vehicle washing. For sanitation and waste management, proper septic systems was mentioned, as well as concern about BC building code when it comes to grey water.

Many also cited the need for a community compost program and compost pick-up, as well as food waste diversion programs.

A re-use centre, similar to something in Sweden, was also recommended by those who took the survey.

Affordable and clean energy was another priority identified, with at least two respondents mentioning heat pumps and others saying that making downtown more walkable to promote leaving the car at home would be a positive start.

Responsible consumption and p roduction was also cited, with improvements to the town’s current recycling systems to make them more accessible to those without vehicles and in apartments mentioned.

For responsible consumption, one respondent mentioned that people were losing the skills they need to be able to reuse and repair items, with others mentioning education on how to live on consuming less might help alleviate this.

When provided with a list of ideas to make the Golden community healthier, 54 per cent of respondents felt that more emphasis on mental health would make our community healthier.

This theme was mentioned over and over throughout the survey process, according to GDCF, along with access to healthy, affordable food and transportation options, and overall increasing affordability in the area.

More community events to support equality, such as Pride, Earth Day and Car Free Days, were also cited.

The project was launched mid-2021, and polled the community on society, with questions about the type of community that residents would like to see Golden and Area A be and the type of society residents value.

The second was on economic issues and needs facing Golden and Area A. The third and final of the series of surveys focused primarily on the environment.

The grant selection committee members are now looking for well-prepared proposals that are properly costed and work within these community priorities.

While the shift to adapting the priorities outlined in Vital Pulse may make time for those applying, GDCF says they will be patient as Vital Pulse rolls out.

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