GAI business review released

Golden Area Initiatives has made public a review of business in Golden.

Golden Area Initiatives has just released their Business Support Services Review to the public.

“One of the actions that came out of a workshop with community partners, and a lot of non-profit organizations, was an action to do a review of what’s available in our area,” said Denise Wheelhouse, communication and project co-ordinator for GAI.

The community identified a need for an inventory of existing business services, and a comprehensive business-support framework. The project came out of GAI’s 2012 budget.

“A lot of people thought that this was necessary for our community, and that it would help businesses and non-profits moving forward,” said Wheelhouse.

The review summarizes existing business services, such as grants, that are available to local businesses and non-profits. The review includes services available at a local, regional, provincial and even national level.

“A lot of businesses and non-profits just don’t know about them. So we’re hoping that this will help get the word out,” said Wheelhouse. “Our board was really happy to hear about this, and are confident it will be a great resource for the community.”

The resulting inventory is a list of 112 business support services that are applicable to a wide variety of organizations, and service a wide variety of needs. These resources are often under-utilized for the simple fact that many people don’t know about them.

The inventory includes information on all 112 services, including the organization and its mandate, a detailed description of the service and contact information.

Now that the report is out in the public, GAI will be able to gain feedback, and in the future determine which organizations are not being adequately served, and where there is unnecessary overlap.

The Business Support Services Review, which includes background on the project, examples of services, conclusions and strategic options, is available at To see the inventory of support services, call the Golden Area Initiatives office at 250-344-2420.