Frustration leads to formation of a Say No 2 Bridge 2 Bridge Group

A group of concerned residents have banded together about the proposed Bridge 2 Bridge project.

Concerned citizens (from left) Julia Cundliffe

Concerned citizens (from left) Julia Cundliffe

A few frustrated Golden residents have formed a group to advocate for a more democratic process in regards to the proposed Bridge to Bridge project.

The No 2 Bridge 2 Bridge Group wants to include the Town of Golden electorate in the decision-making process by insisting on a referendum concerning the borrowing of up to $2.23 million for its share of the Bridge to Bridge project proposed by the Town.

The total project has an estimated cost of more than $4 million.

The group was born a couple of weeks ago when the details of the Bridge to Bridge project became known, and when 21 concerned residents and councillors gathered at an impromptu meeting at a local restaurant.

Those present at the meeting expressed their concerns and requested that a group be organized to ensure that the general public was made fully aware of the implications of the project.

Local governments must obtain the assent of the electors to borrow money.

This is normally done through referendum.

In this case council decided to use the Alternative Approval Process (aka the counter petition).

If 10 per cent of the electorate complete and file the Elector Response Form, council must then go to a referendum should it wish to proceed.

“Contrary to earlier concerns that there was not sufficient time for the referendum process,” said Keith Hern, a member of the Group, “It now appears that the Town will have time to hold the referendum in conjunction with the fall by-election required to replace retiring councillor (Mag Magnusson).”

The group wants to make sure that the electorate have ample opportunity to receive and review the Elector Response Form.

Forms will be available on the Town of Golden website and at locations around town, including the offices of Fairley and Scott, DJ’s Paper Place, Kicking Horse Movies, Kicking Horse Interiors, Johnston Meier Insurance, The Island Restaurant and wherever you see the sign “Say No to Bridge to Bridge Debt.”

Once completed the forms may be dropped off at any of the above locations and will then be collected by the group. Forms cannot be mailed to the town office, they must be hand delivered.

The group includes Mickey Balas, Dona Gylander, Colleen Palumbo, Julia Cundliffe, Bruce Fairley and Keith Hern, as well as a host of supporting volunteers.

They were set up outside the Post Office on Friday May 25, where they explained their position to passerbys, and handed out forms.

For more information about the group and to learn more about the issues or obtain forms please contact one of the group.