The family band will be performing the country and folk music on July 15 as a part of the Summer Kicks concert series. (Jair Stolz photo)

The family band will be performing the country and folk music on July 15 as a part of the Summer Kicks concert series. (Jair Stolz photo)

From Mountains to Prairies another example of Golden’s local music talent

The band is slotted to perform at next Wednesday’s edition of Summer Kicks

Summer Kicks will get an injection of folk music on July 15 when From Mountains to Prairies takes the rolling stage.

The band, which is a family affair led by husband and wife Jair and Mel Stolz, is known for their country and folk covers with a mix of original songs as well.

“The family aspect definitely adds an interesting level to our performance,” said Jair Stolz.

“We have a dynamic where we’re all comfortable with each other and happy to laugh and smile along while we’re on stage.”

Describing their performance as “music you want to stomp your feet to,” viewers can anticipate an energetic performance with instruments from guitars to ukuleles and shakers and big base.

Those who come to performance can hear crowd pleasures such as Wayfaring Stranger, which Stolz cites as one of his favourite songs to play.

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The band gets their name from their locations, with parts of the family and the band hailing from the mountains, with other members coming from the plains and prairies of the Canadian west.

While the band will be missing their fourth member and their prairie representative from their name for their Summer Kicks performance, the remaining three members are ready to bring local talent to the forefront of Golden’s music scene.

“It’s been a great aspect of Summer Kicks having local talent get a chance to perform and that we have enough local talent to step up and fill the line up,” said Stolz.

“All the performances so far have been engaging and completely profession and great sounding concerts.”

Stolz says that when it comes their time to perform, the band is just excited to be able to share their music with Golden.

“We just love making music and it’s always a treat to be able to share it with more people than just what we can fit in our living room,” said Stolz.

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While the band wishes they could be performing in Spirit Square to a larger crowd, they’re excited for the opportunity nonetheless.

Stolz went on to say that he hopes that concert goers will enjoy their performance as much as they enjoy performing.

“People should definitely come out, it’s such an awesome opportunity to have line music and people have been working so hard to make this happen in these strange times,” said Stolz.

The group’s performance starts at 6:30 p.m. and will run until 8:30 p.m., with the Summer Kicks truck route to be announced closer to the date of the show.

More details can be found on the Kicking Horse Culture’s Facebook page and website.

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