Former director back in running

As an Area “A” resident I have enjoyed living here all my life.

  • Nov. 9, 2011 5:00 a.m.

As an Area “A” resident I have enjoyed living here all my life. My wife Sabine and I have three grown children, we own and operate a small beef farm, woodlot, and I dabble in construction. We are avid snowmachiners, and enjoy camping, hiking,  and music.

I was Regional Director for Area “A” from l987 to l990 and have recently held the President position for the Residents for the Upper Columbia River. I am currently a director of the Kootenay Columbia Executive Directors Advisory  Board for the Progressive Conservative Party  and hold memberships in the farmer and woodlot associations.

I believe that in order to represent the total area, an advisory committee is needed to gather and relay information, as well as media. I also believe that all major decisions affecting Area “A” deserve to be approved by the majority of the people through referendums or at least opinion polls.

I support the idea of government creating incentive for economic development and industry in our area to perhaps provide some well paying jobs and maybe solve some of our current problems. For example: the cost of child care, support of food banks, and affordable housing.

I agree with the current policy of no zoning and no building permits.

I would like to investigate why we seem to spend more money on mosquito control yet it seems there are more mosquitoes than ever.

Another service that rural people should have access to is, affordable High Speed Internet.

I believe there should be careful financial management of all regional district programs.

In closing, if elected I look forward to working for the residents of Area “A”.