Amber Moxam mixes up a batch of skin care products. All her products are locally sourced and hand-made in small batches in order to ensure their freshness. (Catheryne Bossé photo)

Amber Moxam mixes up a batch of skin care products. All her products are locally sourced and hand-made in small batches in order to ensure their freshness. (Catheryne Bossé photo)

Flower Child bringing local flora to skincare

Inspired by her own natural skin care journey, Moxam has decided to share her knowledge

With a passion for local flora, Amber Moxam started Flower Child last summer as a way to pursue her interests and learn more about natural wildlife in Golden and the surrounding area.

Learning about the uses of different plants that she had foraged herself in Golden, from rose hips picked at Hospital Creek to mint from the banks of the Columbia River, she began incorporating more natural elements into her skin care routines.

This past summer, she decided she wanted to share her knowledge of natural products with those around her, launching her own small skin care business on social media.

“I found it so difficult to find all natural products that worked and I was pretty happy with what I was learning, so I wanted to share my knowledge of local plants,” said Moxam.

“It’s blossomed into this little home business.”

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While the economy has struggled in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many new entrepreneurs, such as Flower Child, have used the pandemic as an opportunity to launch their own businesses, with Moxam saying that the time off due to the pandemic gave her the chance to get it off the ground.

Pulling double duty, also working as a financial service representative at CIBC, Moxam says her passion project has been well received and has grown bigger than she initially imagined it would.

It helps her background in the financial sector has been a benefit for the bookkeeping and financial planning aspects as well. Despite this, Moxam says she was a bit wary at first of taking the plunge, but the support she’s had so far has made it worth it, selling out all of her products over Christmas.

“At first I thought I was almost stupid to start something like this during a pandemic, when other businesses going under, but it’s been so positive and such a great learning experience,” said Moxam.

“I have a lot to learn still and I’m really looking forward to what’s to come.”

As a woman in business in Golden, Moxam says she’s seen nothing but support.

“Mostly from Golden, but even reaching outside of town, there’s nothing but interest and support,” said Moxam.

“People are interested in incorporating more natural products in their day-to-day life which is great to hear. It shows how there’s an energy shift as people become more conscious of the environment and an attempt to reconnect with the natural world that we’ve lost touch with.”

Recently, she’s been able to move from online only, launching her products in store at Golden Floral Co., another local female-run business.

She says it’s been a great opportunity for girls to support girls.

“I love being able to support other women doing the same thing and connect with them to learn from each other and work together to boost each other up,” said Moxam.

“In this little town, it’s nice to see that we are all here for each other.”

For other women looking to get into business, Moxam says it’s important to not to be afraid to reach out and ask for help, especially in a community like Golden that is home to an extensive network of women in business.

She says don’t be afraid to take the leap, as long as it’s something you truly care about.

“Stay true to your passion, do something that you enjoy and makes you happy and share that with others, because people truly appreciate when you do that.”

International Women’s Day was first celebrated on March 19, 1911, in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland. The United Nations later started celebrating on March 8.

In 2021 it should be no surprise that more and more woman hold positions of power. Whether it’s business, politics, sports or the non-profit sector, woman continue to achieve new milestones.

This story is part of a series of stories highlighting four women in Golden who are leaders in their fields. You can read all of their stories in our annual publication called Women in Business in the March 11 issue of The Golden Star.

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