First phase begins for highway strip improvements

Golden’s largest RMI project, the Highway 1 Boulevard Improvement, will get underway shortly.

Golden’s largest Resort Municipality Initiative project to date will get underway shortly as the Highway 1 Boulevard Improvement contract was granted to Sierra Landscaping.

The project, which will include landscaping and lighting features, was scheduled for last year. Only one contract bid came in, and was over budget, so it was delayed until this season.

The first phase of the project comes in at over $600,000, all of which is paid for through the RMI program.

The project is scheduled to get underway soon, and be complete by June 30 before the highway’s busy summer season is in full swing.

In other municipal news the recreation department is moving ahead with conversations around “cost recovery” for the Town’s recreation facilities.

As the issue has never been tackled head on, Jordan Petrovics, manager of recreation, has given members of council a survey to gather opinion on what a reasonable “cost recovery” should be for municipal facilities. In other words, how much of the burden should be on the municipality/tax payer, and how much on the users of the facilities.

“I hope to get this information put together before the strategic planning sessions,” said Petrovics.

Strategic planning will get underway in the next few months.