Fireproofing at the Golden Museum to protect local history

Groups are coming together to make the museum safer.

Protection of history is set to happen at the Golden Museum.

Protection of history is set to happen at the Golden Museum.

The Golden Museum is partnering with Columbia Basin Trust (CBT) and Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance (CKCA) to secure important and irreplaceable pieces of Golden’s history by installing a fireproof vault in the Golden Museum.

“We feel really fortunate that we have finally managed to bring together all the funding to complete this crucial project,” says Colleen Palumbo, Executive Director of the Golden Museum. “For the past twenty years the Golden Museum Memorial Fund, a fund through which important and long standing members of the community contribute to the museum, has been collected and saved for this particular project. It has been in the making for a long time.”

This project will install a one hour fire rated vault with environmental controls to protect the important paper and cellulose-based written and photographic records of the Town of Golden and surrounding neighbouring communities. The vault will assist with maintaining stable relative humidity, temperature, light and air-born pollutants, all factors that contribute to the deterioration of archival material. The main goal with this fireproof vault is to preserve the material contained in it so that in a hundred years the material can be used to tell the history of this area.

The Golden Museum is grateful to acknowledge the monetary contributions of their two partners. The Golden Museum previously raised $6,000 through the memorial fund before receiving a great deal of financial support from CKCA and CBT. CKCA awarded the Golden Museum with a $20 000 grant towards this project and CBT topped off the contractors quote of $46 204 by awarding the Museum with a grant of $21 204.

The Golden Museum and the Golden and District Historical Society would like to offer our thanks to our partners in this project. Together we are preserving a crucial part of our community’s history.