Jane Fearing School Board Trustee Candidate

Jane Fearing School Board Trustee Candidate

Fearing runs for school board trustee

Former music and arts teacher, Jane Fearing, has put her name in the running for one of three school board trustee positions

Former music and arts teacher, caterer, and mother of two, Jane Fearing has put her name in the running for one of three school board trustee positions, being decided at the Nov. 19 election.

“I have two children who are in Golden Secondary right now. And they’ve gone through the school system, they were born and raised here,” said Fearing.

“As soon as they entered school, I started becoming really involved. I helped with things like the Dolphin Swim Club… I’ve done that for about seven or eight years. And then I was an executive with the Golden Basketball association, and then I also got involved with the parent advisory at the high school.”

Running as a school trustee seemed like the natural next step for Fearing. After discussing the position with another candidate, she decided it was something she was interested in doing herself. Having watched her children grow up in the Rocky Mountain District, she feels she has a good understanding of what the needs of the district are.

“I realize that kids raised in this town have a lot that they have to contend with, so far as their future. They have to learn how to live here, they also need the tools to be able to leave. They need stronger communication skills,” she said.

“If we want our children to be successful, you have to equip them with those skills. How to talk in their own language first, I’m all for a second language, but first of all they need the basic skills of communication in their own language in order for them to go out into that big world.”

Fearing is also concerned about the level of activity outside the classroom.

“Our kids are so confined in the school, I’d like to see way more activity going on. When we were raised there was before school activity, lunch hour activity, so kids weren’t just roaming the halls.”

Even though she is determined to make some changes should she be elected, Fearing is very careful about making promises, or accusations.

“I think for the most part, everyone is doing their best. I would like to learn more and listen more, and find out what people want, and be pretty transparent. I don’t have any secrets.” she said.

“My only promise is that I’ll do my best. I enjoy a very good rapore with the administration, because I have volunteered there so much. I think I really have an eye for what’s going on, but I’m sure I’d have a lot to learn as well. I’m pretty open about it.”