Employment services in Golden have combined into WorkBC Employment Services Centre

Golden Employment Services just celebrated their transition to a WorkBC Employment Services Centre.

Golden Employment Services just celebrated their transition to a WorkBC Employment Services Centre on June 13 at their office on the second floor of the Patlar Building.

Around 40 people showed up to learn about the services and mingle with the staff and guests.

“Before April 1 there were a bunch of different employment programs all across the province, for all different groups of clients at different offices with all different policies and procedures,” said Jamie Crawford, case manager with the centre.

“So what the government decided to do was combine them all into what we like to call ‘one-stop shopping’ for employment services.”

Prior to this amalgamation clients would have to visit different locations for different services, even though they were all related to employment. The government also wanted to add some consistency to the different locations across the province.

“One of the reasons for bringing it all together was to have it more consistent. So if you walk into Golden, you walk into Victoria, you walk into Kamloops, all those Employment Services Centres are going to have the same sort of feel, delivering the same services. So clients who might move will find a lot more consistency,” said Crawford.

Services will remain pretty much the same, with some minor changes to how they’re delivered. They still offer a wage-subsidy program, self-employment program, training for EI clients, potential training for clients with disabilities and regular job search services including the use of computers, fax machines, job boards and the photo copier.

“Our goal is to work with employers to both understand and help fulfill their labour market needs. This helps us to better support job seekers in making career path choices that will lead to successful long-term employment,” said Amber Cuthill, business services co-ordinator for the East Kootenay region.

One of the ways they are doing that is through their new website.

“We have a new website, and all the job postings are going up there. It’s an East Kootenay website, which means the job postings will be seen throughout the entire East Kootenay region, which is really nice for employers. It’s very easy, they can get on a register themselves, and put up their own postings, they don’t always have to go through us anymore,” said Crawford.

To learn more about services, view the job board, or post a job listing, go to ekemployment.org.