Elk Run + Riot release Golden influenced album ‘Morning Light’

The entire album was written in one night in a cabin on the outskirts of town

Elk Run + Riot release Golden influenced album ‘Morning Light’

Alberta-based indie folk rock band Elk Run + Riot have released their fourth full length album, titled Morning Light. They’ll be embarking on a tour to help support the new album with a stop in Field, B.C., on Feb. 14.

While the band may be from Alberta, Golden has had a major influence on the album.

When faced with the prospect of putting together their fourth album, the band decided to take a trip down Highway 1 for a songwriting retreat at a cabin in Golden to come up with new material. The retreat proved fruitful, with the band penning enough songs to fill the album overnight.

“We’ve always had a soft spot in our heart for Golden, it’s always been a kind of retreat for us for some chill time” said Andrew Cotter, vocalist and guitarist for the band. “It’s always a breath of fresh air to just come to Golden and chill. We had the idea to get out of town, and Golden was one of the first places we looked into.”

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Made up of Cotter, as well as Brian Bailey on mandolin and bass and Ryan Schepens on vocals and guitar, the band has been producing music together since 2013.

Morning Light plays to the bands strengths, emphasizing three and four part harmonies and touches on themes such as addiction, love and loss and growing up.

According to Cotter, the album is their most polished to date.

“We had been on tour for a long time and we had developed quite a few ideas while we were on the road,” said Cotter. “On the road, the core three of us tend to bounce ideas off each other all the time, whether that be a lyric or a melody.”

Armed with ideas, the band decided that what they needed was a night together to put it all in place. They arrived in Golden at 10 a.m., and by 10 p.m. that night, they’d put together eight songs that would later become Morning Light.

The album was later recorded in Calgary, based off of the night’s work in Golden.

“You don’t want to have too many expectations heading into a night like that,” said Cotter. “We had a busy summer, so that fall was our time to have some fun, and the songs just happened. When you go with few expectations into those situations, that’s when the magic happens.”

Songwriting has been important to the band from their very first jam session together all those years ago. It’s a priority to them to perform their own original songs.

“The songs come fast, we’ve always been a song writing trio,” said Cotter. “As far as lyrics and melodies, that always comes easy to us.”

Their upcoming tour, which includes the Feb. 14 stop in Field, has the band taking on western Canada with stops in Revelstoke, Lake Louise and Banff, and will be ongoing until April.

While the tour doesn’t include a stop in Golden, Cotter says they’ll be trying to make a stop at the Whitetooth brewery, a favourite destination of theirs.

“Whitetooth is one of our favourite venues, they’ve always been so nice and accommodating,” said Cotter.

Morning Light is available now on Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes, as well as other digital retailers and streaming services.

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