EDITORIAL: Going hyper local

EDITORIAL: Going hyper local

In Golden, we have businesses that offer a multitude of services.

There are groceries, clothing, gifts, nutrition, printing, alterations, restaurants, comic stores, book stores, movie rentals, and more.

Pretty much anything you want, there’s a business for it here in Golden.

It’s interesting to take a small inventory every now and then and realize how great we have it in our community. Sure, sometimes you might not be able to find exactly what you’re looking for, but we have some amazing people here that will do their best to help you get what you want, find an alternative, or special order it for you.

Here at the Golden Star, we offer a service as well. We work hard every day to provide the community with factual information that is educational and purposeful. We carefully craft articles that everyone will find interesting, and offer space for businesses to advertise.

Without your support, we wouldn’t be able to do this 52 times a year, adding in special supplements like the special grad paper (out next week), Remembrance Day sections, the Golden Wedding Magazine, and the Dining Guide. We take all of these projects on as extra work because we know you will love it, and you will continue to support us.

When we support other businesses in town, we are eating their meals, enjoying beverages, catching an evening movie, ordering in our favourite books and comics, renting new releases, and buying new shoes and shirts. Supporting the newspaper includes buying annual subscriptions (which are super affordable) and taking out ads.

People sometimes worry when the paper doesn’t carry the same physical weight as it once did. There used to be more pages, and it came in a larger format. Countless times I have heard people say they are worried the newspaper won’t last forever. Well, I’ve already listed a couple ways we can all make sure we continue to have the same great and informative service in town.

Aside from that, fear not. The newspaper in Golden is doing pretty well. After the mass cuts in the industry nearly 10 years ago, news transformed into something really interesting. The industry movers and shakers realized that there are already enough outlets for people to receive their provincial, national, and world news. That’s when the light bulb went on.

Community. Without it, we have nothing. So, the news industry hacked a bunch of larger papers to save what mattered most to people: the community news. This is why we focus on hyper-local activity. It’s what you want, and what we’re happy to provide.

Each week, we enjoy supporting all of these hyper-local businesses, just like you support ours. Thanks for being there for us and for each other, Golden. If you ever feel like writing a letter, buying a subscription, or getting the word out about your personal and business announcements, feel free to come by and say “hi,” or give us a call at 250-344-5251.