Crooked Antler brings a new vibe to home decor

New store to open

Three friends with a passion for collecting classic items are getting prepared to offer the people who live and visit Golden a new place to shop for home decor and much more when the Crooked Antler opens on September 2.

Situated in the downtown the shop will have something for everyone according to owners Jan Kotyk, Teagan Kotyk and Jeremy Borschneck.

The items that will fill the store come from many different sources with many items being purchased throughout the years.

“For the vintage items we are trying to find different pieces which may not be something people would normally see as decor,” Jan said. “This is the kind of stuff that is hard to part with in a way because it is the type of items I would love to have in my home.”

Jan and Borschneck have been collectors of unique items which fit into a different style of home decor.

“Jan is a collector of all types of cool stuff. For me I have really started to get into this over the last few years. Interior decor and making your home look great with a unique look. Some of the bigger pieces almost have an industrial look to them,”  Borschneck said. “I just think the older stuff has so much more character than anything now being made. Especially the era we are fixing to from the 1930s to the 50s. That is when stuff was really made cool.”

The group feels the items made back during those decades was put together in a way that made it not as disposable as some newer designs.

An example of things that were made to last can be seen in the middle of the store where old theatre seats from Saskatchewan are situated,

One great part of having the store is it will give people a chance to see just how impressive the pieces really are.

“I think one part of it will be giving people a chance to see how these great items can be showcased,” Jan said. “The items in the store will all have a story. If you look at the cases they have stickers and tag that tell where they have been and that is part of the history of the items. The items can bring back the past or memories.”

The history of an item is also important to Borschneck.

“These items are a link to culture. Culture is a great thing around here. We are planning on having some music nights and maybe some spoken word events. The shop will be a place for the culture of the area. We want to have a  different vibe when people walk in here. They would want to hang out,” Borschneck said. “You are not going to find things like this anywhere that combines the character and past.”

All of the owners of the Crooked Antler are artists in their own way. Each of them will be displaying some of their photography in the store. Both Jan and Teagan also make jewelery and Jan is also a painter.

“We take unique shots within something that you may see everyday. It looks quite different when you are looking at them on a wall,” Borschneck said.

The shop will also be offering a photography printing service for customers. The largest size the store will be able to print will be up to 44 inches.

September 2 will be  soft opening with a grand opening to be announced at a future date.