CP Rail building boarding house for crews in Golden

CP Rail building boarding house for crews in Golden

A large building is being constructed on 7th Street N., visible from the surrounding area and the overpass

The building, on CP Rail land, is a rest house for engineering and running trade employees, explained CP Rail media relations advisor Salem Woodrow.

The building will essentially act as a private hotel for the company’s employees, said Town of Golden CAO Jon Wilsgard. CP Rail did not have any further information about whether or not the building is intended for short or long term housing, or when it will be completed.

“It’s a boarding house for all of their crews, which they ostensibly need. CPR (CP Rail) is a pretty strong presence in town, so it’s great to see. Notwithstanding that, we don’t know a lot about it,” Wilsgard said.

CP Rail is a rare identity that does not require building permits from the Town, Wilsgard said. The Town of Golden was provided with the architectural renderings of what it will look like, but they are allowed to do build and develop on their own property without municipal approval.

The company must meet certain building standards for once the structure is hooked up to the Town’s water and sewer, and it must meet the fire flows required.

“Other than that, I guess we will wait and see and watch as it gets built,” Wilsgard said. “Most people don’t build in the middle of winter. Obviously they have a mission to get this done.”