Tim Hus is playing a show at the Mad Trapper on March 8 in support of Little Mittens.

Tim Hus is playing a show at the Mad Trapper on March 8 in support of Little Mittens.

Country singer Tim Hus helps out Golden’s Little Mittens Rescue

Little Mittens, a group dedicated to controlling the feral cat population, is hosting a fundraiser at the Mad Trapper on Friday March 8.

The Little Mittens Animal Rescue has grown from a two-man operation a few years ago, to the thriving and invaluable community group it is today, and they need your help to keep growing.

Little Mittens, a group dedicated to controlling the feral cat population in Golden, is hosting a fundraiser at the Mad Trapper Pub on Friday March 8, featuring a performance from country singer Tim Hus.

This will be the third year Hus has come to Golden to support Little Mittens.

“He’s awesome about it. He’s been messaging us to find out when we can book the show,” said Jamie Crawford, administrations manager for Little Mittens.

“He definitely supports us, we’re really grateful,” said Alannah Knapp, the organization’s executive director.

The not-for-profit takes cats and kittens off the street, spays or neuters them, and then either releases them, or tries to find them homes. They also take in “surrenders,” which are cats who’s owners are no longer able to take care of them. An owner can surrender their cat to Little Mittens for a $50 fee instead of just abandoning them.

At the moment they are responsible for about 20 cats, and in the summer that number gets closer to 50. But since the Town of Golden gave them a space to work out of, that task has gotten a little bit easier.

“We’re in the space now, we moved in the beginning of December. It’s been great, it’s so much better than the space that we had before. It’s more accessible to the public,” said Crawford. The Town was able to offer Little Mittens the dog pound, which has now been renovated to accommodate both dogs and cats.

“The fact that the Town was able to help us with that is just incredible. It’s been a huge asset to us.”

“They (the Town) pay for the heat, and are giving us the use of the building. But most of the renovations we had to do, we used the money from our last fundraiser for that,” said Duffy.

The money from the upcoming Tim Hus fundraiser will go to a new project. Little Mittens has applied for a Community Initiatives and Affected Areas grant through Columbia Basin Trust.

“We applied for a low-income spay and neuter project, similar to what the SPCA does in Cranbrook… As part of that grant, they always ask that the organization contribute something as well. So our contribution of funds will come from the Tim Hus concert,” said Crawford.

Little Mittens is always looking for more volunteers to help care for the cats they have in custody. Volunteers help with cleaning, trapping, event organizing and fundraising, as well foster care for the cats.

“We have a small group of really dedicated volunteers that we couldn’t do this without, but there are still a lot of gaps to be filled in,” said Crawford.

If you are interested in helping out, or either fostering or adopting a cat, you can contact Little Mittens at 250-290-0279 or littlemittensrescue@gmail.com.

Tickets for the Tim Hus show are now available at the Mad Trapper. Presale tickets are $20, or $25 at the door.