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Councillors ready for a new term on town council

Five councillors return to their post, one new councillor joins the team

The Town of Golden election results are in, and six town council candidates have been chosen by the voters.

Leslie Adams, Connie Barlow, Chris Hambruch, Eddie Leigan, John Manuel, and Caleb Moss have been voted onto council for the following four-year term.

Adams, Barlow, Hambruch, Leigan, and Moss have all served terms on previous councils, and bring their experience to the table.

The newcomer, Manuel, says he is excited to join council, and is ready as always to listen to what people have to say.

“I’m excited, and tomorrow I’m going to take down my signs and then I have a lot of learning to do,” he said after the results were posted on Saturday night at the Golden Civic Centre. “I’m joining people who do know what’s happening.”

In Golden, seven candidates were running for six seats on council. The Town of Golden Mayor Ron Oszust won the mayoral race without any competition.

The Columbia Shuswap Regional District voted on a core services contribution, more information will be available once the results are posted. The Area A director, Karen Cathcart, will continue her term serving the rural residents of Golden.

Town councillors were surprised and relieved with how quickly the votes were counted on Saturday night. In previous years, it had taken up to six hours to count the votes.

Councillors hugged each other after the results were posted, ready for another term on council.

“I’m really thrilled. It feels good that people trust the team that I really care about for another four years,” Adams said.

Some were happy to stay the course, Moss said. Others, are ready to get up to speed on what it takes to be a town councillor.

Hambruch has served on town council for more than 20 years, and is ready to add another term to his career.

“I’m happy with the results, and I’m glad we will have a good team to work with,” he said.