CORE wants to encourage fiscal responsibility in Golden

The newly formed CORE (the Committee of Responsible Electors) had their inaugural meeting on Sept. 25.

The newly formed CORE (the Committee of Responsible Electors) had their inaugural meeting on Sept. 25.

Thirty-four people attended the meeting, including three Town staff members, five former councillors, and one former mayor.

“The group evolved out of a group of people who worked to defeat the alternative approval process bylaw for the $2.4-million Bridge to Bridge borrowing,” said Bruce Fairley, one of the founding members of the CORE.

“The group decided to stay together and continue working on issues involving the Town of Golden.”

The group will focus on issues surrounding fiscal responsibility, including Town staffing within the Town office, five-year financial plan (especially the $1.7 million planning and development budget), and the entire area of economic development.

“Lots of people think the Town is just spending too much money. The people in our group think that, and want it addressed,” said Fairley. “Bridge-to-Bridge I think, was seen as symptomatic of a ‘spend spend’ mentality that people don’t think is appropriate at this point in time.”

The CORE members will do research and develop position papers that will eventually be presented to council.

“We’re going to operate in much the same way the Say No to Bridge-to-Bridge committee operated. We never had a chairman or that kind of organization. We operated through email and Facebook,” said Fairley. This means that both members and non-members will have the opportunity to look at, and provide feedback on, any position paper developed by the CORE.

“So other citizens, councillors, Town staff, whoever wants to comment will get their opportunity when things move onto Facebook.

Fairley says that he expects some of the Town staff and councillors probably think the CORE will simply be a thorn in their sides. But he and the group insist that they do not intend to be confrontational.

“Most of the people there recognize that we don’t want to get into a confrontational stance with council, then it’s just us butting heads with them and we’re not going to get anywhere,” he said.

“We don’t intend to be a thorn in their side, but at the same time we expect the issues that we’re bringing to them to be addressed. We’re not prepared to just be brushed off. We think we represent a significant slice of opinions right now for the town of Golden.”

Fairly hopes that council will be open to what the group brings them, and thinks that the research that they present will be helpful.

The CORE will be writing a mission statement and anyone who signs onto the mission statement will be added to their email broadcast list.