Cops For Kids helps a Golden boy learn

With a new sounds system a Golden boy will be able to hear more at school thanks to Cops for Kids.

  • Oct. 22, 2012 8:00 p.m.

A sound field FM system was recently donated by Cops for Kids to help local child Caeden Desmarais hear better during his classes at school.

The sound system will be used in the classroom for Caeden according to Golden Royal Canadian Mounted Police member Const. Mike Hull.

“It hooks on to a teacher in the classroom. They have a little device and it helps a child hear in the class. The system is about $1,800 and he will be able to take it all the way up through Grade 12 and onto university if that is the way he chooses to go,” Hull said.

The benefits for Caeden will be amazing according to his father Jonathan.

“Everything she says will come through the speakers which are strategically placed in the classroom. He will get to hear better. He only has one ear and this will help him when there is a lot of commotion in the classroom,” he said. “The system has worked with other children and is proven to work.”

Jonathan added that he is very excited and grateful his son will now have a chance to hear more in school.

“This is extremely important. He is a very shy kid. In situations where there are a lot of people he tends to draw back. This will let him focus more on what the teacher is doing,” he said. “It will help with his ability to learn and his speech.”

Jonathan also wanted to thank everyone involved with helping his son in this way.

“We really appreciate this. There would be no way we could have afforded a system like this. The support from Cops for Kids and the community is wonderful. It is wonderful to see the donations come back to the people of Golden. Not just Caeden but all the other people who have received things from Cops for Kids. It is nice to see people actually care about the youth of today.”

Hull was quick to thank all of the people who have supported the effort over his time in Golden.

“Really it is a community effort. We have had so many silent partners in the community. Those people do not get to be recognized enough but now they will get the chance to see the benefit the child gets from the help that they have given. We get to be the vehicle for it,” Hull said. “It has been really good again this year and I want to keep helping kids in this town,” he said.