The Environment Canada forecast for spring.

The Environment Canada forecast for spring.

Cooler temperatures persist in Golden heading into summer

Environment Canada and the Weather Network both predict cooler spring

Below season average temperatures are expected to persist coming out of the long weekend and heading into June, as a cooler spring is expected to continue into early summer.

Over the next week, Environment Canada forecasts high of 17-18 degrees celsius to start the week, before dipping to 15 on Saturday and 16 on Sunday. Lows will reach 5 degrees.

For this time of year, Environment Canada says that the average high is just below 20 degrees, at about 19.8, while lows are on target at 5.5.

According to Environment Canada’sTemperature and Precipitation Probabilistic Forecast for May-June-July, temperatures over the next three months have a near 50 per cent chance to be near normal in the Golden area. Most of BC have a similar chance at below normal temperatures.

Precipitation is forecasted to be near-normal or below normal.

The seasonal forecasts are based on a 20-member ensemble of predictions, 10 members from each of two coupled atmosphere-ocean-land physical climate models. The forecast probabilities are estimated by first computing the anomalies or departures from normal for each ensemble member and then applying the calibration procedure to these values.

According to The Weather Network, who released their spring forecast earlier this week, Western and Northwestern Canada is expected to continue to see a colder than usual spring, in comparison to the rest of Canada.

It also forecasted a wet spring across southern and central B.C. with substantial alpine snow.

At this point, The Weather Network says it does not look like there will an early start to the wildfire season. While it is too early to discuss the entire summer wildfire season, a cooler and wet spring should at least help delay its start.

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