Contract awarded to CENTAUR for Rec Plex Floor refinishing by Golden council

Some work will be done on the floors at the Rec Plex in Golden after a contract was awarded.

A contract was awarded during a special meeting of the Town of Golden Council to CENTAUR Products Inc. to screen and refinish the floor at the Rec Plex in Golden for the amount of $14,995 plus HST.

Speaking on behalf of the town staff Town of Golden Manager of Operations, Chris Cochran, said this work was being done with the goal to extend the life of the floor at the facility by approximately five years.

Cochran admitted that the floor has a number off issues including the loss of the majority of its spring/cushion performance and plank separation which will have to be dealt with at some point in the future but did explain this process was needed at the present time.

Coun. Caleb Moss asked if the work was guaranteed to extend the life by five years or if this was just an estimate. Cochran confirmed the contractor believes this process would extend the life of the current floor by up to five years but suggested it be refinished in three years.

Repairs and refinishing to the original gym floor were last undertaken approximately 12 years ago after flooding caused by a frozen/burst water pipe damaged the floor and finish.

Moss went on to say that as a regular user of the facility the floors are currently, “In dire straights. I have low confidence that process is going to make anything more than passable.”

Cochran said this process to his understanding, “It is a cosmetic upgrade to the existing floor finish.”

Town of Golden Chief Administrative Officer David Allen said the Town is looking at the upgrades that are going to be required at the facility in the future and admitted this procedure “is more a of a band aid situation.”

According to information provided by town staff replacement of the floor was estimated in 2010 to cost approximately $180,000 – $190,000.

To date, the Town has been unsuccessful in two attempts to secure grant funding for the replacement of the floor.  They report went on to say without considerable grant funding or contributions to the facility capital reserve for the next several years, the replacement cannot reasonably proceed.

Looking ahead the staff said additional capital expenditures in the next several years at this facility should include base building repairs and building upgrades.

Some identified base building repairs include re-roofing of the stage and change room roofs ($40,000), repair of water damaged exterior stucco and interior finishes ($25,000), and refurbishing of the shower facilities ($20,000).

Building upgrades should include the replacement of the gymnasium flooring ($190,000), purchase of a protective floor covering for special events ($25,000), phased replacement of the main HVAC system components ($80,000 – $100,000), improved storage facilities ($40,000), and a complete interior repaint ($15,000).

All pricing is approximate and “order of magnitude” to provide Council with an understanding of the probable facility needs over the next several years.