Concerns over debris in Kinbasket raised at regular council meeting

Election Officers were named and debris in the Kinbasket were on the agenda at a Town of Golden Regular Council meeting.

A discussion about the importance of debris management on the Kinbasket Reservoir was discussed at the regular council meeting held on June 26. The decision was made to have Town staff send correspondence to the Comptroller of Water Rights stressing how debris must be looked after because of the areas importance as a Golden public recreation area. The discussion also looked at how recent high waters have affected the reservoir.

“The value of the Kinbasket and what it presents to our community is a great deal. We need to make that reservoir as much of a product as we can to attract people from the recreational and commercial side of things,” said councillor Ron Oszust.

“The debris on that reservoir is massive and it impedes the ability to make it a prime or secondary recreational area. I think we need to keep going to the province.”

Councillor Caleb Moss added, “ We do recognize as a council that this is outside of the boundaries and is most definitely as politics go, a regional issue. But it affects our recreation area and we can lend support too.”



Election Officers named

With an open seat on council the Town has taken the first step to a by-election by appointing Jon Wilsgard as Chief Election Officer and Viv Thoss as the Deputy Chief Election Officer.

Wilsgard explained as long as the by-election is not acclaimed the it will be held  on September 8, 2012.

“If in fact the Fall Faire goes through it will be like in 2009 and the by-election will be held at the College of the Rockies,” Wilsgard said.

He went on to explain the budget cap for the election will be $13000.