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(Photo: Pixabay)

Columbia Shuswap Regional District adds more items to recycling list

The change adds items that are used as packaging or a single use to the list of accepted materials

Recycle BC is greeting the new year with an expanded recycling list.

Effective Jan. 1, 2023, single-use products and packaging-like products have been added to the residential recycling program through depots and curbside pickup.

The Columbia Shuswap Regional District partners with Recycle BC to provide recycling services through local depots while some municipalities such as Golden offer curbside pickup.

Previously, only plastic, metal and glass packaging, and paper products were included in the program. The change adds items that are used as packaging or a single use to the list of accepted materials.

In the regional district, these new items must be placed in the correct bin at CSRD depots to be properly recycled. In Golden, the town provides curbside pickup and CSRD operates two sites for recycling depots, one at bottle depot and the second at the landfill.

A list of the newly accepted items indicates which category the item belongs in:

Recyclable paper products: paper party décor (paper decorations, signs, hats, tablecloths, pinatas); paper gift bags and boxes; cardboard moving and filing boxes.

Recyclable with flexible plastics and accepted only at recycling depots: plastic sandwich and freezer bags; plastic shrink wrap; flexible plastic drop sheets and covering; flexible plastic bubble wrap (no bubble wrap-lined paper); flexible plastic recycling bags (blue, clear bags, or yellow or blue bags used for curbside collection; flexible and reusable plastic carryout shopping bags.

“It’s super positive and a significant amount that we’re able to remove from the waste stream,” says Graham Casselman, CSRD’s waste reduction co-ordinator.

Casselman says the expansion is the result of Recycle BC’s own extensive auditing process and consumers saying “why can’t they be recycled?” The new items have been added because they can be processed in B.C.

“All the plastics, both soft and hard in BC, are actually processed here,” he says, pointing out the vast majority are pelletized in a Lower Mainland facility and shipped to manufacturers throughout North America, while some remains in the province and sold as a commodity to other processors. “Recycle BC outshines any other program in North America in the variety of products that can be recycled and I know there are some provinces that are looking at expanding and are looking at B.C. as a model for their own programs.”

Residents play a key role in recycling this material as the first step in the process – allowing materials to be collected – by putting it in their bins or taking it to a depot. View the full list of newly accepted materials at RecycleBC.ca.

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