College of the Rockies presents to Golden council

Karen Cathcart with COTR explained to council what the Golden campus has been up to, and how important it is to the community.

How much do you know about the College of the Rockies?

At a delegation in front of Golden Town Council on Oct. 9, Karen Cathcart with COTR explained what the Golden campus has been up to, and how important it is to the community.

“Our mission is to enrich lives, engage communities through the power of education, and our vision is to be as spectacular as the mountains from which we take our name,” said Cathcart.

College of the Rockies has seven campuses in the Kootenays, and serves a population of 83,000 people. They have 2,100 full-time students (roughly 80 of which are at the Golden Campus), and more than 100 international students from 20 countries around the world.

Although a registered non-profit which operates with a $17-million grant from the Ministry of Advanced Education ($1.2 million of that goes to the Golden campus), COTR is continuously looking for additional funding to bring in new programming.

“A lot of what I do at my desk day after day is writing grants, and securing dollars to run additional programs,” said Cathcart.

In the past year, COTR has brought in $187,000 for the new faller program, $97,000 for the Intro to Trades, $25,000 for Art Spot for Seniors. $35,000 for Skills Upgrading, and extra funding for English as a Second Language classes through the Ministry of Culture and Immigration, among others.

“When you start adding those numbers up, we’re at about $500,000 in additional dollars coming into Golden for programming,” said Cathcart.

The money coming into the college has a trickle effect that benefits the entire community.

“It’s really important to recognize that this Golden campus is a strong economic driver for this community,” said Cathcart.

The Golden campus of COTR employs seven faculty and instructors, and more than 25 guides in the community to help deliver programming.

It also brings in students from all over the country, as well as some international students, who live and spend money in the community.

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