Children’s wishes come true with the help of CP Rail

Children benefit from CP Rail

The Children’s Wish Foundation are helping more children with help from CP Rail.

The Children’s Wish Foundation are helping more children with help from CP Rail.

The Children’s Wish Foundation will be able to help even more children with help from CP Rail. The Empress 2816 Steam Train recently finished another tour from Vancouver to Lethbridge in order to raise funds for the foundation.

“This is the second year of partnership with the Children’s Wish Foundation,” Mike LoVecchio, Senior Manager of Media Relations, Communications and Public Affairs, explained.”

The tour of the train allows those who purchase tickets to see Canada from a different view and in a piece of history.

“CP Rail provides the train, crew and support to operate the train. Children’s Wish sells the tickets and the benefits from all the proceeds.”

Although the exact amount has yet to be determined, it is estimated that around $70 thousand has been raised. This number greatly surpasses last year’s funds.

The steam train didn’t only raise funds for The Children’s Wish Foundation though. During the Empress’ time traveling from Revelstoke to Golden, they also raised funds for Friends of Mount Revelstoke and Glacier.

“CP Rail takes pride in the communities we operate in and these trips are a way to help our neighbors with some very important goals, whether it’s kids in need or the museum itself.”

The Empress 2816 Steam Train was constructed in 1930 and with more than two million miles under its belt, was retired on May 26, 1960. The Empress began being rebuilt in 1998 and was completed four years later was once again complete.

The fully restored train now acts as an ambassador for CP Rail and travels through communities across North America, allowing the opportunity for people to experience and learn about the only surviving H1b Hudson steam locomotive.

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