Pink River Dolphins is accustomed to performing in bars. Summer Kicks will give them a chance to perform their music for a new crowd. (Contributed)

Pink River Dolphins is accustomed to performing in bars. Summer Kicks will give them a chance to perform their music for a new crowd. (Contributed)

Chelsea OW and the Pink River Dolphins take on Summer Kicks

The band is just one of the many local musical groups that will have a chance to perform this summer

With Summer Kicks ready to hit the streets for it’s summer 2020 season, local bands are excited about the opportunity to share their music with their community.

For Chelsea OW and the Pink River Dolphins, who are slated to perform in the neighbourhood of Selkirk Hill on June 24, the opportunity to perform again is something they’ve been relishing since the COVID lockdown began.

“Performing is a way to get out all this pent up energy or negativity and just let it out through the music, performing is my main outlet for peace of mind,” said Pablo Euphoria, drummer for the Pink River Dolphins.

“I hope people come out and enjoy the live music.

“If you’ve been inside for three months, it’s not healthy. Get exposed to the local talent and entertainment!”

It’s a sentiment echoed by front woman Chelsea OW.

“Everything changes when you have an audience, you play to them and with them,” said OW.

“It’s fine being a songwriter or playing your guitar at home, but for me, when I’m writing a song and it’s just come together, it’s not the finished product until I put it on stage and get to tell that story to others.

“Performing is the best part of it.”

After taking some time off per social distancing requirements, the band has been back to practicing and jamming, enjoying the music.

“The break gave the band time to breath, but that first jam back was amazing, the energy was there, everyone was present,” said Euphoria.

The band has been playing together since last fall, coming together as a result of jam nights at the Wolf’s Den on Sunday nights.

The group quickly set about establishing itself in Golden’s music scene and prides itself on writing its own original music.

The band would describe their music as “dream rock” or “lullabies for adults,” with music that crosses genres with it’s roots in rock.

“It’s not psychedelic, but there’s something about it that makes you float, you could even call it space rock if you wanted,” said Euphoria.

While the band usually performs in bars like the Wolf’s Den and the Rockwater, this will be a chance for them to share their music with a new demographic.

Both Euphoria and OW see their upcoming performance as a great opportunity to bring more exposure to the music scene in Golden, which they believe has the potential to grow. Euphoria believes that Golden could compete with other mountain towns such as Fernie, which claims popular band Shred Kelly as their own, as well as Revelstoke.

“If you invest in the music scene in this town it could inspire cultural growth, I think this could be a stepping stone towards creating Golden as a hub for music,” said Euphoria.

“Right now it’s underground, but we can let kids in the local schools now about local bands, because there’s so much music and talent in this town.”

“It’s just such a great way to support local musicians and contributing to the culture here,” added OW.

The Pink River Dolphins will be the second band to hit the stage as a part of the new Summer Kicks lineup and will be playing new music that OW and Euphoria hopes will excite the crowd.

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