Tourism Golden held their AGM this week. (Tourism Golden photo)

Tourism Golden held their AGM this week. (Tourism Golden photo)

Chamber of Commerce loses voting seat on tourism board

The Chamber will still be able to attend board meetings and participate with Tourism Golden

The Kicking Horse Chamber of Commerce has lost their voting seat with Tourism Golden, after a special resolution passed at its Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, May 11.

The Chamber will now step back from its voting position on the board, but is still invited to remain engaged with the board and has an open invitation to attend board meetings.

The move allows for a new voting position to go to another stakeholder member of the community, to act as a director at large.

Board president Toby Barrett explained that the proposal came as the Chamber has stepped back in its role with Tourism Golden in recent years.

“Historically the Chamber of Commerce has sat on the tourism board with a voting seat, but we’ve sen a little less engagement from the Chamber in recent years, though they are still very valuable member,” said Barrett.

“There’s been a lot of discussion with the board over the last year about the increase in interest from other stakeholders to be involved in the direction of Tourism Golden.”

The resolution added to article 3, clause 14 of the governing bylaws, stating that ‘at the discretion of the board, a representative of the Chamber may attend and participate in Board meetings, but shall have no voting rights.’

The resolution passed unanimously.

The board of directors for 2022-23 were voted in shortly thereafter.

Jordan Egan from Basecamp Lodge and Tristan MacLaggan from Golden Skybridge have now joined the board, in the Town Accommodations and Activity Operators sectors, respectively.

Atma Sandher from Ponderosa Moto Inn and Treena Cooney from Prestige Inn bother retained their place on the board as Town Accommodations.

John Lush from Lush Mountain Accommodations, Lucille Hayward from Moberly Mountain Lodge and Jo Best from Mount 7 Lodges remain on the board as representatives for Area A Accommodations.

Brandy Beliveau from Kicking Horse Lodging also remains on the board representing General Accommodations.

Graeme Kreiner from the Golden Golf Club, Barrett from Kicking Horse Mountain Resort and Ryan Johannesen from Glacier Raft Company join MacLaggan as representing Activity Operators.