Telus is constructing a new cell tower in Field

Telus is constructing a new cell tower in Field

Cell service coming to Field and Yoho

Construction is underway for the new Telus cell tower in Field, soon to bring cell service to the community and Yoho National Park.

Construction is well underway for the new Telus cell tower in Field.

Three years ago, Telus went to a Field Town Meeting, and formally presented a plan for cell service in Yoho National Park. It was put off for a couple years, but since July they have had workers installing the hardware said Craig Chapman, chair of the Field Community Council.

Telus is using an existing CP tower that held the microwave dishes which used to provide phone service, for their new tower.

“There has been a push to get cell service through the Park for many years,” said Chapman. Although he admits that there are some who would rather not have the tower, as is true in many small communities deciding wether or not to get cell service, he thinks the project is widely supported by locals, visitors to the Park, Field Community Council, and certainly emergency services in the area.

“Tourists and visitors to the area are generally surprised by the fact we do not have cell service give our proximity to Highway 1,” he said.

Parks Canada has also expressed their support for the addition of cell service throughout the area.

Last week cell service came on for a few minutes in the town, and several residents made calls said Chapman. But since then it has been off line.

He also said that it looks like there will be cell service throughout Yoho National Park by the fall.