Cat shelter finds new home in Golden dog pound

Little Mittens Animal Rescue Association is entering into an agreement with the Town, allowing them to use the dog pound as a shelter.

For almost a year now, Little Mittens Animal Rescue Association has known that their resources fall short of their needs, and that a larger facility to house cats was needed.

On Sept. 4, a solution was found when the Town Council decided to renovate the Town’s Dog Pound to create an animal shelter, suitable for the care of feral cats, as well as abandoned dogs.

Chief Administrative Officer for the Town of Golden, David Allen, described the Dog Pound as “underutilized.”

The building will need some renovating, for which there is some money in the Town budget, but will serve as a good “short-term solution” for the group’s immediate need. The Town is entering into a one-year agreement with them.

Since a presentation by Little Mittens in April of 2012, the Town has been looking for a way to help with their problem.

“The process hasn’t actually been that frustrating. It always seemed to be going in this direction,” said Diane Slater, a volunteer with Little Mittens. “(The Town) never stopped talking to us, and that was a very positive thing.”

“This has been a community issue that we just don’t have the resources to deal with,” said Mayor Christina Benty, adding how impressed and grateful she is that a community group has stepped up to take on the responsibility.

As part of the agreement, Little Mittens (which currently has 10 to 15 volunteers), will be responsible for the care of not only the feral cats, but any dogs who may be housed in the facility as well.

“Every week it (Little Mittens) is growing. We always get new people interested in helping out,” said Jamie Crawford, a Little Mittens volunteer who is confident the group has enough people to care the animals, both cats and dogs, who will be housed in the facility.

This will also free up some time for the Town’s bylaw officer, who currently has the responsibility of caring for any dogs in the pound, which is located near the Golden airport.

“What we’re seeing is community groups coming forward with creative solutions for both problems,” said Coun. Caleb Moss, who described the agreement as “high reward, very low risk.”

“What they’re doing is saying ‘please provide me with the minimal amount of support so that I can make this project happen, which is one of the functional ways that government can work.”

There is no word yet as to when the facility will be ready for Little Mittens to move in, but the group says that as soon as possible would be best