Candidates for 2012 Town of Golden Byelection

Candidates for 2012 Town of Golden Byelection make their closing statements.

  • Sep. 5, 2012 4:00 p.m.

In alphabetical order, the candidates make their closing statements.

Connie Barlow

In this most political of summers, it might seem like all that anyone is talking about is the upcoming by-election and referendum.

But two facts remain.

The first fact is that the voter participation for municipal elections in Golden has now dipped below 30%. The second fact is that there are many people in the community who are not aware that an election is even taking place.

If you are reading this, you are likely one of the one-third of Goldenites who always votes.  So I am appealing to you to encourage your friends, family and co-workers who are part of the two-thirds who are likely to sit this election out.

For the last month, I’ve been asking voters for their support and talking about what I have to offer the community.  I have the experience and the skill set that will work well with this council.  And I stand on my record of good stewardship and respectful leadership.

Now it is time to use your right to decide who will represent you, a decision in which we must all participate.

So instead of using this column to say ‘Vote Connie’, I will use this space to simply say VOTE.

Lori Baxendale

“As the Town Council by-election campaigning comes to an end, I wanted express my sincere heartfelt thanks to the citizens of Golden for their questions, and interest in issues, it has been an honour to interact with you.

I am very grateful to have been able to engage in meaningful discussions with people who so obviously care about and love their community.

As summer holidays come to an end, and we get back into a routine, and kids begin going back to school, our lives become busy with the activities of autumn.

Remember, that when we unify, act and inspire we can come together as a whole for the greater good of our community, our home, our amazing Golden.

The sky is the limit, let’s fulfill that vision of being a community that succeeds, exceeds and excels.

On Saturday September 8th, go out and enjoy the wonderful local event that is the Fall Fair, and, vote.

Exercise your right to have a say in shaping the future, vote for your community, vote for Golden.

All the best to you and my deepest respect, Lori Baxendale.

Andrew Commons

I talk to all kinds of people everyday, and constantly I am being told how angry and frustrated they feel with the Town of Golden.

I have experienced it myself, and like many others  I have thought, why bother, life is stressful enough without spending time and energy fighting with the Town.

But if you don’t get involved we end up with the situation that Golden is in right now, a divided Community on a downward spiral.

I am putting myself forward as a Councillor in the hope that, I can make a difference by representing you the voters by listening and seeking your input on what you want for Golden and how you would like to see it grow.

So, I want to make you a promise.

I will push for more public consultation and put Community above self.

I will make fair and unbiased decisions, by researching all the issues to

there fullest extent. I will not disregard ethics for the sake of expediency.

I will not stifle industry, business and the right to engage in Commerce.

And I will serve this Community to the best of my ability.


Please Vote for Change


Vote for Andy Commons

Jim deBolebec

Golden is at a turning point so where do we go from here?

Our expenses are increasing our population is decreasing. We have an ageing infrastructure that is going to need replacement, priorities have to be set using the money we have available, and we have to be prudent on capital decisions that are made for the town.

In the next decade the Town will need to address the issues of upgrading, looking at ways to bring in industry that will provide liveable wages, and create a community that all can feel proud to live in and want to live here.

If elected as councillor I will work for the people and push towards defining reasonable goals for the town, creating a long term plan for achieving these goals, search for potential funding opportunities and work towards achieving these goals. It is my intention to work towards a more open transparent town council, take into consideration the will of the town’s people when making decisions for the town, and involving the people in big capital decisions for the town.

Vote for Jim deBolebec as town councillor who is just a local who wants to make a difference for you.

Keith Hern

If elected I promise to;

Listen to and represent all constituents;

Research all issues to the fullest extent and make trusted, fair and unbiased decisions based on the best information available;

Always put the community’s interest first and not use the office to advance a personal agenda;

Ensure that the basic infrastructure of water, sewer and roads is functioning properly and that sufficient funds are set aside to adequately maintain them;

Enact policies to build a safe society, with adequate police and fire services, and develop a family-friendly and senior-supportive community that residents are proud to call home;

Adopt  sound planning including the development of zoning bylaws that encourage growth, and the removal of barriers to development;

Encourage economic growth to halt population decline;

Ensure town council lives within its means and that your tax dollars are spent wisely, effectively and for the maximum benefit of all residents;

I bring a different skill set to the table: a background of economic development and fiscal responsibility. I have the time, the commitment and the desire to make a difference.

You too can make a difference. Please vote.