In the morning of Sunday

In the morning of Sunday

Busy winter weekend for GADSAR

The Golden and District Search and Rescue were called out on five separate incidents over the weekend including an injured snowboarder

  • Jan. 25, 2017 7:00 a.m.

The Golden-Field RCMP are very appreciative of the continuous efforts of volunteers with Golden & District Search & Rescue (GADSAR) after police requested their services for five separate incidents this weekend.

During the early morning hours of January 21, the Golden-Field RCMP requested assistance with locating a female who had went missing overnight.  GADSAR technicians responded to the request and assisted police in conducting multiple patrols looking for the female.  Search efforts continued throughout the day until the female contacted police to confirm her wellbeing.

Later that afternoon, police called upon GADSAR once again after receiving an Emergency SOS Spot Beacon from Silent Pass indicating that a male snowmobiler required medical assistance.  GADSAR responded to the area by helicopter and the male, a 23 year-old from Red Deer, Alberta, was transported back to Golden where he was treated in hospital for non-life threatening injuries.

Then just after 7:00 pm, the Golden-Field RCMP contacted GADSAR to assist them with a report of an overdue traveller, who had not been heard from in over 30 hours.  Police were able to locate the male’s vehicle at the ski hill, and were concerned that he may be stranded in the back country.  Due to time of day, GADSAR was not able to conduct a rescue by helicopter, but began their search at first light the next morning.  At around 9:00 am the GADSAR team was able to locate the male near Canyon Creek after spotting his snowboard from the air.  The male, a 23 year-old from Saskatchewan, was responsive but had sustained injuries related to exposure, after spending two nights outside.  GADSAR transported the male, by helicopter, to Golden where he was then transferred to hospital by ambulance.

GADSAR was then called upon by police during the early morning hours of January 22, after receiving two separate reports from train crews that they could see a light and a person possibly trying to start a fire near the Beaverfoot, east of Golden.  After police were unable to locate anyone during their initial searches, GADSAR was called to assist and conduct several sweeps of the area.  After an extensive search, neither police nor GADSAR were able to locate any tracks or other evidence to substantiate someone being out there.

Later that day, the Golden-Field requested GADSAR assistance after receiving a report of an avalanche on Terminator 3, out of bounds from the ski hill.  Witnesses indicated that they did not see anyone trigger the avalanche, but that tracks could be seen skiing into the area.  GADSAR technicians responded and after conducting patrols, with the assistance of a dog, were unable to locate anyone.

“This weekend is just an example of the amazing work that is done by our local search and rescue team,” says Sgt. Betty WATSON with the Golden-Field RCMP.  “On behalf of everyone at our detachment, I want to thank all of those volunteers who responded to these calls throughout the weekend.  Your dedication to this community and those who visit the area does not go unnoticed.”

Police would like to remind those who are venturing in to the back country to be prepared and watch for changing and extreme weather conditions, and avalanche risks.  Additional information and resources can be found on our website: