Business profile: Shape Up Fitness gets Golden moving

Business profile: Shape Up Fitness gets Golden moving

Shape Up Fitness has been getting Golden into shape since 2011, thanks to Nicki McIntosh.

Born and raised in Golden, McIntosh left town for several years of school, work, and travel, before returning home. She decided to provide her home town with the service of keeping the community fit nine years ago, and has been working early mornings and evenings since then to do so.

Managing the business herself, with the assistance of a few others, Shape Up Fitness offers a variety of programs for all levels of fitness. Mostly, classes include group exercise for a wide variety of demographics and fitness levels, and personal training.

Shape Up Fitness may only be nine years old, but McIntosh has been working in the fitness industry for 15 years, dedicating herself to structured fitness as a lifestyle, which has been a lifelong commitment for her so far.

“I strive to give our community the opportunity to pursue a healthy lifestyle by offering exercise classes for everyone,” she says. “My classes are very diverse with the intention of creating a welcoming and judgmental-free environment for people to connect with their mind and body in a fun, uplifting, effective, and well-rounded workout.”

A full scope of classes are available on the Shape Up Fitness website, and includes everything from step classes, community bootcamps, dumbbell strength training, cardio, snow season preparation, and more. Anyone who wants to work on strength, balance, core stability, agility, and injury prevention can scope out the classes at, or visit their Facebook page at Shape Up Fitness.