Golden Lotus Yoga Studio is located above Element Therapeutics on Park Drive.                                Facebook Photo

Golden Lotus Yoga Studio is located above Element Therapeutics on Park Drive. Facebook Photo

Business profile: Golden Lotus Yoga Studio

By Keri Sculland

Golden Lotus Yoga Studio has a healthy and wholesome relationship with Golden.

What started as Golden Lotus Ayurveda out of Scott Ryan and Dalia Yanai’s house on 11th Street S. in 2007 eventually moved above Element Therapeutics. When Ryan and Yanai moved from town in 2017, Kristie Norquay felt it was a natural progression to buy the business. From there, the yoga studio became the Golden Lotus Yoga Studio that it is today.

“It was my vision to have a yoga studio in the multidisciplinary clinic, so the move made some dreams come true,” Norquay said.

The yoga studio has an impressive team of 15 instructors, spanning various styles of teaching and backgrounds. Many of the instructors have other healing interests as well, like physiotherapy, massage therapy, reiki, energy healing, crystal healing, kinesiology, therapeutic yoga, art therapy, and medicine.

“All of our teachers are a little bit different and we love having the variety in the studio,” Norquay said. “All of the teachers are wonderful in their own way, and love teaching and sharing yoga with the community.”

In 2010, Norquay took a leap of faith and moved to Golden with only two suitcases to start a job as a physiotherapist. Coming from Manitoba, she had dreamed of moving to the mountains, but had never been to Golden before.

To Norquay, the best part of operating the yoga studio in Golden is creating a safe space for people to take care of their bodies and minds.

“Community is such a big part of health and wellness, so having a place in Golden for group classes and workshops is really important to me,” Norquay said. “I also love the special events, workshops and trainings that we can hold in the studio. I imagine the positive effects ripple far and wide.”

Golden Lotus tries to accommodate all of the classes and time slots the community requests, and regularly brings in instructors to provide specialty classes, drawing participants from across Canada and the US.

The yoga studio offers drop in and pre-registered classes, wellness workshops, and weekend trainings with world-class yoga teachers and health care providers.

“We have so many talented instructors with so much to offer, it’s really rewarding to be able to host their brilliance,” Norquay said.

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