Buddy Wackett the Floorwalkers: Playing the honkiest of tonk for saints and sinners alike .

Buddy Wackett the Floorwalkers: Playing the honkiest of tonk for saints and sinners alike .

Little is known about the honky tonk band Buddy Wackett & the Floorwalkers.

It’s hard to get a straight answer out of the group as to where they are from exactly, but it is rumoured they live together in a rundown cabin deep in the backwoods of the B.C. community of Parson with only a wood stove to cook food and a small generator to power up their electronic instruments.

The band consists of Buddy Wackett on the pedal steel guitar and lead vocals; Travis Ryan Stone on acoustic guitar and vocals; Rick Dutch on electric guitar and vocals; and Gary Dreams on bass.

The band’s leader Buddy Wackett called in from a payphone at the Parson store for a quick chat with the Golden Star to explain how the band came together.

“I was born in a boxcar heading south and taught to play steel guitar from a one armed player,” Wackett recalled.

“One day while hitchhiking on Route 66, I was picked up by a long haul truck driver named Travis Ryan Stone. We bonded over our love for honky tonk music and have been playing together ever since.”

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When asked how the other members of the group came into the fold, Wackett said one day the band saw Dreams busking on the street as a one man band.

“We figured if he could play all those instruments, he could probably play bass in a honky tonk band” said Wackett.

“After a hard day’s busk, Gary would buy bread from a bread maker named Rick.

“Turned out Rick had a past as a lounge singer but harnessed ambitions of playing and singing in a country band.

“We all got together for our first jam and have been inseparable since that moment.”

The group have been holed up in their cabin they have squatted in for almost a year now, maintaining minimal contact with the outside world.

They spend their days rehearsing, hunting and foraging for food.

When asked about what sets apart their live performance from other bands, Wackett said it’s how they try to stick true to their musical roots to play the purest of honky tonk.

“We are not just hardened outlaws; we have a soft spot within each one of us and have been known to throw a waltz or two into our set,” said Wackett.

“Nothing melts our hearts more than to look out on the dance floor and see all the cowpokes holding each other tight, embraced in a waltz.”

When asked if this was appropriate during the COVID-19 pandemic, Wackett replied, “Pandemic? What pandemic?”

After learning about the impact of the global pandemic, he fired back, “Well that’s alarming!”

So on July 8, dawn your best western wear, strap on your spurs and tighten your bolo tie and check out Buddy Wackett & the Floorwalkers during the Summer Kicks rolling concert series on the streets of Golden.

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