Bridge to Bridge process continues

The next move for the Bridge 2 Bridge project is set to take place in Golden.

The next step of the Bridge to Bridge project in Golden is moving forward as the Alternative Approval Process is about to begin.

In this situation, the local governments must obtain the assent of the electors in order to borrow money.

The method by which the electors express their opinion is by signing an Elector Response Form and submitting it to their local government by a given deadline. If less than 10 per cent of electors state their opposition, the Council may proceed with its proposed action.

In a fact package sent out by the Town of Golden the reasons for the upgrade are stated.

It said “In recent years recurring ice jams and high flood water levels in the Kicking Horse River have threatened the security of the community core.”

Chief Administrative Officer for the Town of Golden, David Allen, said this is a very important project for the town.

“We are now advertising according to the requirements of the legislation,” Allen said. “We are going to go through the process. People will be able to fill out the forms which are available at town hall.”

While acknowledging there are some people who are against the project Allen is also trying to make sure the correct information is making its way to the public.

“I would say from what I have seen there seems to be some confusion about the beautification part of the project,” Allen said. “Over 90 per cent of the projects expense is earmarked to the flood protection work and not the beautification.”

Allen went on to explain some of the beautification costs will be covered by part of a grant from the provincial and federal governments along with grants from BC Hydro and Telus.”

“By enlarge people seen to agree the flood protection work is needed and valuable,” Allen said.

He went on to stress the most important part of the project is to get the flood protection work done in the timeline which has been given to them by the province.

Allen also wanted to make sure people realize that all of the designs which can be seen currently are conceptional designs.

“There are some people who are saying, ‘couldn’t you do this in a different way which would cost less money?’ We have not explored those options yet but this will happen if we get the money for the project,” Allen said.

“The detailed design is where we take a serious look at the project. You do not look at this up front because it costs money but if we get approval we will then look at those options.”

Anyone interested in reading the Elector Response Forms can pick one up at the Town Office and they will be accepted in person at Town Hall (810 9th Ave. S.) no later than 4 p.m. on Friday June 29.