Black bear cub killed on Trans-Canada Highway

Black bear cub killed on Trans-Canada Highway in Yoho National Park

Sarah Fabbri

Parks Canada

A black bear cub was struck and killed by a vehicle on the Trans-Canada Highway near Field, BC in Yoho National Park on Friday, June 1. The evening incident occurred around a corner in the westbound lane.

Parks Canada is extremely saddened by the loss of this animal and asks visitors and residents to help bears, and other wildlife, survive. While driving on our highways obey posted speed limits and drive for the conditions. Be extra vigilant at dusk and dawn as these are the most active times of day for many larger animals in the mountain parks.

As green up in the mountains continues this spring, Parks Canada reminds everyone to be “Bear Aware” in order to keep both people, and bears, safe. Do not approach or feed bears, make lots of noise, travel in groups, walk your dog on a leash, carry bear spray and know how to use it, do not leave food out and store garbage in appropriate containers.

Report all bear sightings to Banff Dispatch at 1-888-WARDENS. Helpful observations include day, time and location of sighting, whether the animal had a collar or ear tag (and which ear), and its behaviour.