John Denham and his bike in Spirit Square. Denham is inspired by his love of bikes to continue on with the show. (Claire Palmer photo)

John Denham and his bike in Spirit Square. Denham is inspired by his love of bikes to continue on with the show. (Claire Palmer photo)

‘Bike Culture’ podcast highlights Golden’s biking community

The podcast interviews locals and helps shine a light on Golden’s love of bikes

Golden is known for being home to some of the best biking terrain in North America, with almost 200 km of cross country trails, mountain biking on Mt. 7, Kicking Horse bike park, and hosting some elite level competitions.

A new podcast, called Bike Culture, started by John Denham, is exploring the bike culture that Golden has become known for, with Denham saying he was inspired by his own love and fascination with bikes.

“I’ve always found them cool, whether it’s urban riding, mountain biking, bike touring, road biking, you name it, if it has two wheels that move I’m fascinated by it,” said Denham.

Denham says that it started out as a small project for a friend in Vancouver who had fallen ill. Initially, the podcasts were intended only for him, as a big fan of bikes, in order to help him through his illness.

The podcasts were more like informal vlogs, says Denham, but before he knew it, he was applying for a Neighbour Small Grants through the Golden & District Community Foundation, which he received.

He’s now released five episodes of his show, which he says have all been well received.

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“I’m interested in interviewing Golden residents and sharing stories and have people enjoy the stories of their neighbours,”said Denham.

“Our reception and audience is normally based on whose closest to the guest we have each week.”

To date, Denham has had Vera Dorward, Sabrina Curtis and Adrian Leemhuis on to speak about bikes.

Each episode is getting over 100 listens on each episode, something that surprised Denham. Mostly it’s a local audience, but there have been some far-reaching listeners from across Canada, and even internationally.

He says it’s been a process learning how to put together something like this, learning new software, but it’s something he’s enjoying doing.

He says that his main goal it to help share the stories of locals and have a diverse group of people to talk about bikes.

“I want people I want people to have an opportunity to have the floor and tell their story and feel validated and doing that,” said Denham.

“It’s talking about life and how the bike happens to fit into it, those stories come out well and people are enjoying listening to them.”

The episodes are available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Neighbourhood Small Grants is a program facilitated by the Vancouver Foundation, which provides $3,000 a year to the program. Small grants provides funding directly to individuals in the community, with amounts of between $50 to $500.

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