Award season starts for HR Pacific

Great weekend for local company.

To say HR Pacific Construction Management Ltd. had a good weekend would be an understatement. The company won Gold in both the Keystone and Built Green award competitions in Kamloops and Vancouver. The awards focussed on the affordability and quality of green-friendly houses.

“I could build it cheaper but to build them green could not happen. This is why to me this is the most important award of the night. Green built means expensive built too many times. To be green and affordable is a really fine line. Some of the home that were awarded were multi-million dollar homes. We are doing the same details on our homes,” said owner of HR Pacific Dave Ratzlaff.

He felt if green buildings did not become more affordable then there was a chance over time the interest in them would not be there.

Ratzlaff said everything in his projects are done with a precision to make as high a quality project as he can put together whether it is a green friendly house or one of his other projects.

Even though he is proud of the work the company has been doing for a number of years he was a little surprised to hear his name called in Vancouver.

“This was for all B.C and there were some big time builders in this competition. I felt it was worth a try. These awards prove that what we are doing has some legitimacy to it,” Ratzlaff said. “My son was there he called me Usain Bolt because I got up so fast.”

He went on to explain that he feels that Golden has a great deal to offer people in many areas and the time has come to start promoting the goods and services local people can offer.

“I think we have to bring excellence to the town. It is a great town where people do great things. We have incredible, world class quality here. The world is coming here and amazing things are happening here,” Ratzlaff said.

One group of people who Ratzlaff credited with the success of the company are the people who work for him.

“I believe you have to treat employees like they are your best customers. I cannot be at every site all the time but I know they are looking after me and that is something you need to have. You rely on your people to build the projects,” he said.

At the end of the day Ratzlaff has a simple policy when it comes to any project he is working on. “You have to do it right or go home,” he said.