Avalanche Safety Solutions get it again

  • Jan. 12, 2011 8:00 p.m.
The Snow-Pulse airbags

The Snow-Pulse airbags

Golden RCMP are investigating yet another Break and Enter at Avalanche Safety Solutions, this time over the New Year’s Eve long weekend. After losing over $50,000 worth of merchandise over the Christmas holidays, due to the first Break and Enter, the business is once again left asking the questions: Why? & Who?

The perpetrator or perpetrators from the first of the two Break and Enters focused primarily on the Snow-Pulse avalanche safety airbags, along with other avalanche safety gear; what the perps did forget, the first time, were the accompanying air cylinders that are essential in the inflation of the safety device. But, with a second attempt, the criminal or criminals managed to get those very items.

“I’m not surprised that they were broken into again simply due to the fact that they didn’t get all that they needed the first time,” Cpl. Betty Watson of the Golden RCMP said about the case.

“This time they got around 70 of our air cylinders, I assume for the Snow-Pulse bags they stole last time. They also took a couple more of the actual airbags too,” Owner/operator of Avalanche Safety Solutions, Chuck Gorton said of his hard luck.

In an attempt to deter any potential criminals from his store after the first incident, Gorton had his vehicle parked directly in front of his front door to not only make it look like someone was in the store, but also to stop anyone from potentially opening it. But, it didn’t, as the ones with the sticky fingers still managed to get in.

“They crowbarred open the side door this time. I think this time they truly had a purpose and I think they got in and out much faster,” Gorton added.

But, has anything been discovered as being sold online, or any other place? Are there any suspects?

“We have yet to see anything being sold online or anywhere else as of now. We currently have no suspects in this case,” Cpl. Watson said.

As for Avalanche Safety Solutions, they are taking new steps towards keeping any would be criminals away from their business.

“We tried to get an alarm system for our store after the first incident, but it was tough due to it being the holiday season. But, we have one set up now,” Gorton concluded.

Police are asking for anyone with any information regarding this offence or any others to call the Golden RCMP (250-344-2221) or Crime Stoppers (1-800-222-8477).