Competitors will be taking to the slopes of Kicking Horse Mountain Resort for a dash to the finish.

Competitors will be taking to the slopes of Kicking Horse Mountain Resort for a dash to the finish.

Athletes ready to make a dash

The Dogtooth Dash ski-mountaineering is set to run for another year.

The Canadian National Ski-Mountaineering Championship take place at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort on February 11 and 12.  The Canadian National Ski-Mountaineering Championship known as the Dogtooth Dash is an adventure race that combines the skills of hiking, skinning and skiing.

“This is a Kicking Horse Classic, pitting man versus mountain, as competitors challenge themselves against the big terrain of the four alpine bowls” said Matt Mosteller, VP of marketing and sales for Resorts of the Canadian Rockies. North American ski-mountaineering racers take on a custom built course starting at the Eagles Eye Mountain Top Restaurant.

This is an event for the elite ski mountaineering athlete as well as an enduro course and a team relay for those who are recreational ski mountaineers or just want to try it out and enjoy a fun adventure race.

“The sport of ski mountaineering is young and gaining in popularity. Over the three years Kicking Horse Mountain Resort has been host to the Dogtooth Dash the stamina and times racers complete the alpine courses in continues to shock spectators,” said Steve Paccagnan, President and CEO of Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, of last year’s event.

This is the fourth year the resort has hosted the exciting event. The first day of competition, Feb. 11, will feature two courses; the elite course, which is an epic 6,000 foot climb/descent designed for the seasoned ski-mo racer, and the enduro course, the perfect challenge for those want to race, but are not keen to take o the entire course.

The second day, Feb. 12, there will be a race on a 400 foot track located at Heaven’s Door Yurt (at mid-mountain). This race is a team relay, with teams of two to four people, and includes four laps with a mass start. There is a $5 per person drop-in fee for the Sunday Rally. For more information visit