Area A candidates share their biggest strength

Columbia Shuswap Regional District (Area A): Director Candidates - We asked the candidates for Area A a question...see their answers here.

  • Oct. 22, 2014 9:00 a.m.

What personal asset or strength do you have that makes you the best representative for the people of Area A?

Karen Cathcart

Partnership Development

I learned a long time ago, that in order to maximum the results of any program or community project, you need to build a team that not only has the skills but also the ability to move a project to completion.  Partnerships development is all about bringing diverse people to the table, establishing rapport, and therefore achieving positive results with people very early on in the process; recognizing that everyone at the table is seeking to achieve their own ends.  By doing so, you create trust, and confidence in those around you.

The best example of this partnership model is the Early Learning and Care Project that is currently on-going in our community.  The success of this project to date has been due to the community support and engagement of many diverse groups.

As your Area A Director, I will build an advisory team that has diverse representation, ensuring maximum results.

Garry Habart

The most valuable asset that I bring to the position of Area A director is an understanding of, and empathy with, the people in Area A.

I find it awkward to blow my own horn, so I asked others in Area A what they thought was my major asset and this is what they told me;

They say I’m approachable, easy to talk to, open minded, and unpretentious. I’ve worked hard for the residents of Area A to represent their views. I’m sensitive to the financial conditions, and conscious of the difficulties, of Area A residents.

They appreciate that I have held the line and even reduced property taxes. They like that I’m flexible yet firm in my positions when warranted; I’m prepared to say no and don’t sit on the fence for political gain.

They know that as a farmer I have had to work hard all my life and that I am working hard as Area A director to make life better for everyone.

If re-elected, I will continue to work hard and do my best for the people of Area A.

Brian Spain

I believe I am the best representative for Area A because I have passion; a passion to see my home town grow. I grew up on Campbell road living my first 18 years there.  I have a passion to see my community be a better place for my children then it was for me.  I have an eagerness to fight for the underdog.  For my position inside the Telecommunication Works Union I represent my members form Golden to Cranbrook to Fernie and Creston at a national body.  I know full well how to make the little guy’s voice heard.  I am young and full of energy and new ideas. I support the arts and community events.  I love Golden and I believe that my inexperience in politics is exactly the thing that Areas A needs, a fresh look at things. My name is Brian Spain and I want to be your Area A director.