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After 16 years, there is a new ‘King of the Hill’ in Kelowna

A long standing record was broken at the 2023 Leavitt Machinery Knox Mountain Hill Climb
Aran Cook in his Arco X10 crossing the finish line to break the record at the 2023 Knox Mountain Hill Climb. (Knox Mountain Hill Climb/Submitted)

Jaws dropped and engines roared as the Knox Mountain King of the Hill record that stood since 2007 was shattered.

“A lot of people never thought it would be beaten,” said Garrett Mealing, an organizer and racer at the 2023 Knox Mountain Hill Climb race.

The prestigious record now belongs to Aran Cook, who piloted his Arco X10 up the mountain to the finish line in a time of 1:34.903, on May 21.

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John Haftner was the previous King of the Hill with a time of 1:37.065, that was set in 2007.

Cook initially broke the record on the first day of the competition but lowered his time by another few seconds on the second day of racing.

The road up Knox Mountain is known for being notoriously challenging.

“It’s scary cause it’s not a track,” said Mealing. “The pavement is old and it’s beat up and it’s dusty. Here there’s not a lot of grip, it’s very deceiving how slippery it is up there.”

Additionally, racers were tested with rain drops and high humidity over the weekend, which had them second guessing their tire’s grip on the course’s sharp turns.

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This year also set a record with six women racing up the mountain.

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