Affordable housing projects in Golden may have access to new funds

New funding will soon be made available in the Columbia Basin for affordable housing projects.

The Columbia Basin region, including Golden, will soon have access to $10 million of funding for affordable housing projects.

“We don’t know yet what the proposal process will look like yet, but the important thing is that there will be $10 million coming directly to the communities in the Columbia Basin region,” said Delphi Hoodicoff, director of communications for the Columbia Basin Trust.

The funding for this program, called the Affordable Rental Housing Initiative, is coming from the provincial and federal governments, as well as the Columbia Basin Trust.

The CBT is hoping that all the details will be figured out within the next few weeks, but all proposals will be reviewed by BC Housing and the CBT, which means that all decisions will be made locally says Hoodicoff.

“Our goal is to help as many people get as many projects off the ground as possible. So we hope that this will be good news for everyone,” said Hoodicoff.

Every community has different needs, and the Affordable Rental Housing initiative will be open to hearing proposals that address housing issues for seniors, families, people with disabilities, or any other group struggling to find affordable housing.

“I’m not sure what the specific issues are in Golden,” said Hoodicoff. “But i know that, like many other towns in the region, housing prices have skyrocketed in Golden.”