Advanced polling date set for Golden byelection

Advanced voting for the 2012 council byelection, and the Bridge to Bridge referendum, is set for August 29.

As the byelection in the Town of Golden get closer, a date has been set for people to take part in the advanced polling

Jon Wilsgard is the Manager of Corporate Administration for the Town of Golden and the Chief Election Officer for the byelection.

“The advance polling is on August 29 and will be held from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Council Chambers,” Wilsgard said. There is no pre-day registration for the election so people will be able to come to the the chamber to vote with the proper identification.

“Everyone needs to remember to bring your ID. You have to prove who you are and where you live,” Wilsgard said.

He explained the two best IDs people use are a drivers license and BC Care Card because one proves who you are and where you live while the second also proves who you are with a signature.

He added passports are not typically accepted because they can be changed or renewed.

An interesting part of the election this year is that this year there will be a referendum held as well as the byelection.

“People need to be prepared because they will be issued two ballots. One for the byelection and one for the referendum,” he said.

Wilsgard said he hoped people would come out to vote as a way to exercise their democratic right.

“We need to be so utterly thankful that we live in a democratic society in which we have the freedom to vote for those that govern our society,” he said. “This is the most accessible level of government that there is and in my mind the most accountable. That governing body deserves to have an electorate that cares about it.”