Pictured are Doug Whiting

Pictured are Doug Whiting

A leisurely night of support held in Golden

Friends and supporters of Ethan Johnson came together at a fundraiser held by the Gentlemen’s Leisure Club of Golden.

On March 30 the Gentlemen’s Leisure Club of Golden held a special fundraiser to help a friend of the club.

The group put on the special event at the Golden Civic Centre to help out fellow skier, Ethan Johnson, who became ill last year.

Brian Coles is a  member of the Gentlemen’s Leisure Club of Golden and one of the organizers of the fundraiser.

“He became ill this fall so to help him out with all of the expenses associated with it we have held a couple of fundraisers,” Coles said.

The film being presented at the event was about Jeremy Jones. Further was shot in Alaska and was a sequel to the award winning film Deeper.

Coles said having the fundraiser was just the right thing for the club to do.

“He is a friend to all of us. We just decided that if someone needs help and we have the resources then we should do something about it,” he said.

Coles explained Teton Gravity Research (TGR), who made the film, and a great online community came together to make a fundraiser like this possible.

He  said that people came together online and started raising funds by selling used gear.

“In all the excitement, TGR said they would donate a movie that someone could host and fundraise with,” he said.

The group wanted to thank all of the people who donated silent auction items and the film as well.

The group also wanted to thank the groups and businesses who made a donation to the event. This included the Dogtooth Log and Timber Ltd., Golden Golf and Country Club, Chatter Creek Cat Skiing, Whitewater Ski Resort, Dynastar and Canadian Cartel.

Coles said he was looking forward to the evening and the great time coming together to support their friend.

The Gentlemen’s Club is also excited to be a part of the 2013 Spilli Chilli cook off in Spillimacheen

“There will be great food, a beer garden, farmers market, an arts and crafts fair and much more,” Coles said.

He added that he felt that this is an event that helps make this area unique and is worth the drive because it is so fun.