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What makes the work day easier? It starts with Internet you can count on!

The simple solution to lagging downloads and the dreaded ‘Zoom freeze’
Enjoy catching up with friends and family safely from your home!

Imagine starting your day with your phone lagging while loading your morning emails, before Zoom freezes midway through an important meeting and a frustrated child interrupts when their online class doesn’t connect properly.

For many individuals living in Golden and across Canada, this may be the challenging reality of working from home. In fact, of the 3.4 million Canadians who began working from home this past Spring, almost two million continue to work remotely. Add to that elementary through to post-secondary students who may be studying online and fast reliable Internet connection is a game-changer.

Xplornet Communications Inc. is constantly innovating to keep up with the ever-changing industry. Acknowledging the difference fast, reliable Internet makes in people’s lives, upgraded services have allowed them to double their speed, not only for downloads but for uploads as well!

“Faster speeds are especially important for glitch-free video conferencing, for faster access to the Internet and for quicker uploads of larger files. We’ve been able to provide this by doubling our Internet speed in the Golden area,” District Manager Jack Barreto explains.

“Basically it enables our customers to have reliable communication, while working from home, studying or connecting with family. It helps remove some of the stress for those juggling between remote working and remote learning,” adds Jack.

“With COVID and everything surrounding the pandemic, being connected to friends and family is paramount for people. The added stress of being connected to reliable communication for education, for zoom and video calls and everything else to keep you working from home has really changed the landscape and Xplornet wants to help with that.”

However, reliable wifi isn’t the only way to facilitate a good remote work day! Here are some other tips and tricks Jack suggests:

  • Stick With A Schedule. Maintaining regular work hours while at home is crucial to helping give your day some structure!
  • Give Yourself Breaks. Just as you would if you were in the office, make sure you give yourself breaks while at home too!
  • Get Outside. Don’t keep yourself cooped up all day; it’s important to get out and get some fresh air! Take a quick stroll around the block while you have some time between meetings!
  • Create a Dedicated Office Space. If you’re able to, designate a specific “office” spot to separate work from home.
  • Socialize with Colleagues. Take advantage of wifi for work, but allow yourself some time for play as well!

Contact Xplornet today to secure the remote working solutions you need!