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Stay connected — no matter where you live

Golden-area residents deserve reliable high speed internet, that doesn’t break the bank
Jack Barreto, District Manager at Xplornet Communications Inc, at his home office. Xplornet brings reliable, high-speed internet to Golden at affordable prices.

Like most of the world, Jack Barreto has spent a lot of time at home this spring.

The District Manager at Xplornet Communications Inc. is extremely proud to be able to work for a company that brings reliable, high-speed internet to rural Canadians, especially in the midst of this global pandemic.

As we physically distance to keep each other safe, our work, school, entertainment and social connections have moved almost exclusively online. It’s more important than ever to have good internet. But for Canadians living outside major city centres, connecting to the world wide web is usually expensive — if not impossible.

“We can reach where other internet companies can’t and provide reliable, high-speed internet that allows you to work from home, communicate with loved ones, or stream entertainment — all at an affordable price,” Barreto says.

Satellite and fixed wireless

Xplornet has served Golden for a number of years with satellite internet, and installed two towers in 2019 to offer fixed wireless internet at LTE speeds. This means that rural residents around Golden can now get speeds up to 25 Mbps of unlimited data! Getting connected is easy, and cheaper than you think.

“Our prices are competitive there are no hidden fees,” Barreto says.

They’ve recently introduced unlimited data options, taking some of the stress off families juggling remote learning, office conference calls, video chats with family, and movie nights. You can also add an inexpensive home phone line for extra convenience.

In Golden, the trusted and authorised Xplornet dealer is Columbia Communications. Xplornet customer service agents based in New Brunswick are available 24/7 for troubleshooting and support.

Tips for working from home

Improving your home technology is one way to make quarantine easier, but Barreto has other suggestions as well.

“These are just a few things that have worked for me this spring, that might be useful to others.”

  1. Maintain regular hours. Set a schedule and stick to it! Look at your task list every morning and make a plan for your day.
  2. Schedule your breaks. And take them!
  3. Leave your house, if just for a while. Make sure you get fresh air every day by doing something simple like taking a walk around your neighbourhood.
  4. If you can, keep dedicated office space. Separating your work from the rest of your home helps create psychological boundaries as well.
  5. Socialize with your colleagues. Whether it’s on the phone, over email, or at the end of a Zoom meeting, take time to chat with your workmates and connect socially.

Follow Xplornet on Facebook and Twitter for fun ways to connect across Canada. For more information about internet service in Golden visit or call 1-844-883-3811.

Xplornet brings satellite and wireless internet to remote areas of British Colombia, and it’s less expensive than you think.