Traing in customer service

REACH and the Golden Family Centre would like to bring customer service training to Golden.

Does your job involve customer service? If it does, than you probably have to work with angry, confused, or upset customers once in a while.

This can be frustrating in the best of circumstances, but there is training available that can help you handle the situation, creating the best possible outcome for both you and the customer.

Presented by REACH, the Resource, Education and Consultation Hub, the Managing Hostile Interactions Workshop helps workers develop a specific skill set. Without proper training, front line staff can intensify hostile behaviour rather than defuse it.

REACH and the Golden Family Centre would like to bring this training to Golden in February or March, if there is enough interest in the community.

Managing Hostile Interactions training provides participants with learning opportunities to improve communication with hostile clients and provide participants with skills that increase positive outcomes in the workplace.

The workshops are lead my Mario Govorchin, a dynamic, energetic, and entertaining speaker and trainer.

He is well-regarded in his work as an interventionist for organizations experiencing high internal conflict, and has particular strengths as a mediator of multi-party disputes.

Govorchin is an acknowledged expert in the area of workplace violence prevention. He maintains a senior trainer role within the Justice Institute of B.C.’s Centre for Conflict Resolution, and regularly trains and consults with B.C. Corrections Branch and various B.C. Municipal Police Departments in the area of crisis management.

No date has been announced yet, but you may inquire by contacting Colleen Pickerell at 250-352-6786 or