The attached picture is of the Fall Faire in the early days of operation after 1911

The attached picture is of the Fall Faire in the early days of operation after 1911

The past and future Fall Faire in Golden

The Fall Faire has a long history in Golden leading into its return this year.

In 2011 the Board of Directors of the Golden Museum felt that the effort expended by Museum staff and volunteers was not netting the desired results of raising awareness for the museum.

Efforts were put forward to find another non-profit willing to take over the event.

That didn’t happen,  so unfortunately the Faire didn’t take place in 2011.

Since that time the Museum President, Denice Darbyshire and I met with Jordan Petrovics from the Town of Golden and the museum was convinced to take it on for one more year.

We continue to look for someone to take the project on as it seems like the people of Golden really want to have a Fall Faire.

The Board of Directors feel that it’s too far outside the Museum’s mandate to continue after this year.

The first Fall Faire was held in 1911 and came to an end in the late 1950’s.

Like many events, the Faire ran in cycles, and the energy of the people involved comes and goes. Many of you may not know that the Golden Museum was the event planner for the 2007 Fall Faire.

The event was intended to give the community a glimpse of the Old Fashioned Faire and showcase the museums ability to bring large events of historical significance.

It was supposed to be a onetime event but the community had other ideas.

Perhaps it’s time to form a Kicking Horse Country Fall Faire Society? Would you like to see the Faire continue? If so would you be willing to sit on a board to get that going?

Here we are just eight weeks away from the 2012 Kicking Horse Country Fall Faire and the last minute details are being nailed down!

There will be some new activities at the Faire this year and we are so pleased to have such a great response.

This week we are working on the competition handbook to get it out to the printer so that everyone can have a peak and be reminded of some of the old standby events that we have held in the past.

Look forward soon to receiving information on the event that will follow the Faire on September  9th.

The Kla-how-ya River Race, is being fashioned around the River Raft races of the 1970’s and will run from the Nicholson Bridge to Confluence Park.

We are pleased to announce that the Red Barn Petting Zoo will be back at the Faire this year.

There will be a Stomp Down competition, Lawn Tractor Racing, the Wife Carry, a Rockets Road Hockey Tournament, Tug of War (so get your teams ready) and many more.

If we can get someone to run the event there will also be a Strongman Competition, and a Chopped Golden cooking competition.

The Quilters are joining us in the main building and the Farmers Market is on board as well!

We continue to work to bring the Fall Faire to Golden without any kind of charge at the gate, including great local talent but as a result of the Faire not taking place last year our funders didn’t fund to the same level, so this year the Faire is running on a tight budget.

Despite this we look forward to providing you with a day filled with excitement that gives us a chance to celebrate as a community.

Please do your part by baking, crafting, painting, canning, wood crafting and all of the other things that make the Faire a success!

If you are able to volunteer an hour or two to the Faire please contact the Museum at 344-5169 and let us know.

Your efforts will make a difference!

Also look for the museum’s tent and purchase some tickets on the BBQ that we will be raffling. This raffle is the only money that the museum makes out of the Faire for the huge effort they put in, so please support the raffle!

Tickets will be available soon from any Historical Society member or by dropping by the museum.